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The Impossible Quiz

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The-Impossible-quizThe Impossible Quiz is a popular game published on NewGrounds.com and developed by Slapp-me-Do. As you might have already guessed, it is a quiz but a bit different from those you take at school. The Impossible Quiz is a collection of a really difficult and tricky quizes that will blow your mind. Like any other quiz, this one has a simple mission - find the correct answer and move to the next question. The problem is that the questions are so tricky and the truth is sometimes hard to find. In order to succeed, you must think outside the box. Don't give answer if you are absolutely sure that it's right, because in this game everything is not what it seem to be. The easiest question might be the most difficult one.

In some levels of the Impossible Quiz, you may not find answer at all, it it may be hidden somewhere on the board.Try thinking what can be the real answer before making your choice. You have 3 lives, if you lose all of them you will have to start the quiz from the beginning. Don't be mad if you fail again and again. You can find all answers for the impossible quiz at our website but it's much better to complete it without cheats, on your own. Enjoy all version of the impossible quiz at The-ImpossibleQuiz.Org.Uk for free and share your results with friends. Let's find out who is the smartest person among your friends.